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Mind Power Series Affiliate Program


Welcome to the Mind Power Series Affiliate Program


You can make money simply by referring customers to


As our affiliate, you will receive 60% commission on all sales through Clickbank. This Series is currently selling for USD67.00


Click here to view the web site sales page.


Here is how our Affiliate Program works which is very simple and straightforward.


1. Our affiliate program is managed by Clickbank. is the most trusted 3rd party affiliate program on the internet and checks come twice a month (1st and 15th) and are always on time. Never late. Guaranteed.

2. The first step to become our affiliate is to sign up at and there will be a step by step guide on how to apply for a free Clickbank hoplink at their Affiliates area.

3. Clickbank uses this hoplink to track your sales and pays you the commission if a purchase has been made.

4. Use this hoplink to insert into your social pages, emails, website, articles and any forum which you are active in.

5. When anyone clicks on your hoplink, they will be sent directly to the homepage and if they make a purchase via a secure page on the Clickbank site, and once the transaction is completed, you will earn the 60% commission.


As our Affiliate, you have our permission to copy any of the text, images and testimonials from this website You can also direct any questions to : [email protected]



How to Get Started?


Simply follow steps below:


Step 1:

Click Here to sign up for a FREE ClickBank account. Once your ClickBank account is open, remember the nickname you have assigned yourself. Just proceed to step 2 if already a ClickBank member.


Step 2:

You are now ready to promote our product. Your unique URL that link to our product web site is as below:



You can either create a text link or an image link to promote our product.


To put a text link on your webpage, put the following code into the HTML editor:

<a href="" target=_top>Click Here!</a>



Important Note:
REMEMBER to replace the 'xxxxx' with you own ClickBank nickname and start earning commission.



As our Affiliate, we want you to be successful and earn commissions and to make it easier for all our affiliates, we have some great tools and resources below to help you promote Mind Power Series.




Tool 1: Cloak Your Affiliate Link




Cloaking your affiliate link will protect your commissions. Create a new text file and copy and paste in the code with your affiliate link. Rename the file to index.php and upload to a folder on your server.


For example, your new affiliate link will become:

If you would like to update your resources with your cloaked affiliate link enter your new URL in the affiliate link generator above.









Tool 2 : Banners And Images


  Copy and paste these banners into your blog, website, landing pages and Email newsletters. Place them next to an article related to making money on the internet for maximum effect!  




Mind Power Series





Mind Power Series





Mind Power Series





Mind Power Series




Click here to download all banners and graphics
(right-click save target as)



Important Note:
REMEMBER to replace the 'xxxxx' with you own ClickBank nickname and start earning commission.



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